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Algol68C Release 1.3039 for IBM 360/370/etc mainframes (or their emulations) running MVT or MVS

The file [download] is a zipped file containing a Hercules CCKD 3330 DASD image file and a README file, and the file [download] is a zipped file containing an AWS tape image and a README file. Only one of these two alternative files is required.

This version of Algol68C is considerably enhanced and has many bugs fixed compared to the version that has been available "in the wild" for many years. It corresponds (approximately) to that in use at Cambridge University's academic computing service on its IBM 3084 in 1995. Many of those enhancements were to reduce the number of incompatibilities between Algol68C and the language defined by the Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68 (Van Wijngaarden et al., 1975), and to support the Report on the Standard Hardware Representation for ALGOL 68 (Hansen and Boom, 1976).

The software includes a copy of the Algol68C Reference Manual (in XHTML with CSS, enabling it to be displayed in modern web browsers).

The software is relevant only to hobbyists who are already running an earlier version; it is not intended for "production use". It is provided on the conditions that all use of the software is at the user's own risk and no person or organisation can be held liable in any way for any outcome arising from use of the software.

Although no guarantees can be given for the timescale for providing fixes, if at all, bug reports will be appreciated and can be emailed to <algol68c email address>

The roadmap for continued development, but without any commitment to timescales, is:

Many people have contributed to the development of Algol68C over the years, of whom a few are mentioned in the Wikipedia article on Algol68C. The contributions of all of them are acknowledged with thanks.

Summary of enhancements in Release 1.3039

Last updated: 2013 March 3